WebHeat SR self regulating cables

Self regulating heating cables

WebHeat SR self regulating heating cables are suitable for many applications in residential, commercial, renovation and industrial markets.

The WebHeat SR cables can be cut to length, making it suitable to fit any application to be installed in. With the use of special developed connections, the self regulating heating cables are connected to power cables and matching thermostats.

WebHeat SR is applicable as frost protection of pipes and drains, temperature control of pipes, and so on. Using specialized software we can calculate a thermal heat loss and thereby selecting the most efficient heating cable depending on the chosen thermal insulation.

To minimize the reduce energy consumption WebHeat recommends the use of WebHeat thermostats in combination with self-regulating heating cables.

Operating principle
Self regulating heating cables consist of two parallel bus wires embedded in a networked plastic heating element, doped with surrounding carbon particles. If the temperature increases during operation, the plastic expands due to molecular expansion and the distances between the carbon particles increases. Resistance increases and output drops. When it cools down, this process is reversed and output increases. 

       Self-regulating with adaptable output                                                
       High chemical resistance                                                
       Can be cut to length from the roll                                                
       UV resistant and moisture proof         

Specialized applications in explosion-proof environments require customization in your calculation.
WebHeat can make calculations appropriate for your situation.

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