WebHeat Frost protection cables

WebHeat Frost frost protection cables are designed for water pipes during the winter to protect against freezing. A simple solution where frost and freezing problems can result in high costs.

WebHeat Frost is ready to plug in, at the end of the heating cable is a built in thermostat which switches on when the pipe temperature drops below 5°C. This will prevent freezing and keeps the energy consumption to a minimum. To work effectively, the entire pipe should be insulated with pipe insulation.

The system is easy to install, you fixed the heating cable with tape on the pipe and the plug will  ensure a quick installation. Depending on the pipe diameter and thickness of insulation you have a frost protection against -20°C or -30°C. We refer to the technical installation manual for an exact overview of your desired pipe diameter and insulation.

Suitable for:
- plastics and metals (water) pipes inside and outside
- Outside taps
- Fire pipes
- Sprinkler pipes
- Pumps
Do not use on drains, fuel pipes or flexible fuel hoses.

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WebHeat Frost is available in fixed lengths from 2 to 135 meters