WebHeat Connections

WebHeat offers a wide program for connections and assembly of WebHeat heating cables which varies from heat shrinkable connections, fast modular connection systems, adhesive tapes to warning signs.

WebHeat Shrink is a program heat shrinkable connections between a power cord (not included) and a WebHeat self-regulating heating cable. The heat shrinkable end connection is included in the WHC010 kit.

WebHeat Power Connect is a direct connection between the power cord (not included) and WebHeat self-regulating heating cable. Protection degree IP68. 
A fast connection can be made with the M20 cable glands.  A heat shrinkable end connection is included in all sets.

WebHeat Cable Gland connection is a connection set (supplied including M25 cable gland and heat shrinkable tubes) to be used with WebHeat Junction Box WHC090. A heat shrinkable end connection is included in the WHC070 kit. This junction box with integrated terminal blocks guarantees a solid connection between WebHeat SR cables and power cables. Optional available with LED indicator as power indicator and the end of a heating circuit.

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